ACORN carries out activities on design and construction of telemetry, telemechanics and limit control systems of NEC Ukrenergo (SKO)

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The Restriction Management System (RMS) of NEC Ukrenergo is an important component of the energy system of Ukraine. It ensures safe and reliable operation of the grid under the conditions of growing share of renewable energy sources (RES).

Telemetry is one of the key elements of the RES SSR. It allows obtaining information on the state of RES facilities in real time. This is a prerequisite for effective constraint management, as it allows to promptly detect and react to deviations from the set parameters.


The purpose of this article is to consider the issues of telemetry construction for the NEC “Ukrenergo” RES SCR.

Analysis of existing solutions

Today there are several variants of telemetry construction for RES SSR.

One of the options is the use of industrial telemetry devices. This option provides high accuracy and reliability of measurements. However, it is quite expensive and requires significant installation and maintenance costs.

Another option is the use of wireless data transmission technologies. This option is more economical than using industrial telemetry devices. However, it has limitations in terms of measurement accuracy and reliability.


Based on the analysis of existing solutions, the following recommendations can be made on the construction of telemetry for SCR RES of NEC “Ukrenergo”:

For high power RES facilities, industrial telemetry devices should be used. This will ensure high accuracy and reliability of measurements, which is critical for effective constraint management.

For low power RES facilities, wireless data transmission technologies can be used. This will save on installation and maintenance costs.


Building telemetry for RES SCRs is an important step in the development of the energy system of Ukraine. It will allow to ensure safe and reliable operation of the network in conditions of RES share growth.