To consumers

Every non-household Consumer has the right to choose the elecricity provider that best meets all the needs of the Consumer for the service during the maintenance of electricity supply services and the cost of such service.


You can definitely save on the purchase of electricity now!

What do you need for this?

  1. Request to receive the Commercial Offers to the number of electricity providers you can contact. The most complete register of electricity providers can be found on the NKREKP website as the “NKREKP License Register”. The provider can be from anywhere in Ukraine.
  2. Choose the best offer for your company.
  3. Contact the selected company for information on the necessary actions to change the provider, having previously assessed the terms of the change specified in the Contract with the current Provider.
  4. Change Electricity Provider!
  5. And so do it until you find a reliable partner!
Additional Information
About tariffs

Choosing a reliable electricity provider is a crucial step in ensuring comfort and savings for your home or business. Whether you reside in Kyiv or the Kyiv region, opting for a dependable electricity supplier is essential for your convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Here are key aspects to consider when selecting an electricity provider:

Providers in Ukraine: Compare the services and rates of different electricity providers in Ukraine to find the optimal solution for your needs.

Providers in Kyiv and Kyiv Region: Learn about the electricity providers offering services in your region and the conditions they provide.

Switching Providers: Explore the process and advantages of changing your electricity provider and ensure that it is a straightforward and convenient procedure.

Rates and Commercial Offers: Familiarize yourself with the various rates and commercial offers from providers to ensure optimal energy cost.

Independent Providers: Consider the services of independent electricity providers that may offer greater flexibility and a personalized approach.

Choosing the best electricity provider ensures efficiency and resource savings. Select the most advantageous option for your residence or business in Ukraine.