ППКО: що це таке і як це працює?

What is PPKO and why is it needed?

PPKO is an abbreviation for “provider of commercial accounting services“. It is a company that provides electricity consumption accounting services for various commercial enterprises, organizations and other electricity consumers.

PPKO are used to improve the efficiency and transparency of electricity accounting. They provide collection, storage and processing of data on electricity consumption, which allows consumers to control their costs and optimize consumption.

What services do PPKO provide?

PPKO provides a wide range of services, including:

Installation and maintenance of commercial electricity metering devices.

Collection of data on electricity consumption.

Processing of data on electricity consumption.

Transmission of electricity consumption data to electricity suppliers.

How to choose PPKO?

When choosing PPKO, the following factors should be taken into account:

Company reputation.

Experience of the company in the field of commercial electricity accounting.

Qualification of the company’s personnel.

The company has the necessary certificates and licenses.

Presence of the company in the register of PPKO NEK “Ukrenergo”

Advantages of using PPKO

The use of PPKO has a number of advantages over the traditional method of electricity accounting, including:

Increased accounting accuracy.

Convenience for consumers.

Reduction of accounting costs.

Increased accounting accuracy thanks to PPKO

PPKO uses modern technologies that provide more accurate electricity accounting. This allows consumers to avoid overpayments and control their spending.

Convenience of PPKO for consumers

PPKOs provide consumers with a wide range of services that make electricity accounting more convenient. For example, PPKOs can provide consumers with access to data on electricity consumption in real time. This allows consumers to quickly analyze their consumption and make appropriate decisions.

Reduction of accounting costs with PPKO

PPKOs have experience and specialized equipment, which allows them to perform electricity accounting work more efficiently. This allows consumers to save on accounting costs.


PPKO is an important element of the modern electricity market. They provide efficient and transparent electricity accounting, which allows consumers to control their costs and optimize consumption.

Additional benefits of using PPKO

In addition to the advantages listed above, the use of PPKO can have other positive consequences for consumers. For example, PPKOs can provide advice to consumers on energy saving. This can help consumers reduce their electricity consumption and save on costs.

PPKOs can also provide consumers with electricity consumption monitoring services. This allows consumers to monitor their consumption in real time and respond quickly to changes.